Bonny Wilde, A Short Biography
Contact Me Directly
408 - 472 - 9245
    My primary areas of expertise
    include numerology and
    regression therapy techniques.  

    My spiritual and metaphysical
    classes include 'Psychic
    Development', 'Meditation' and
    'The Healing Powers of Crystals'.

    My experiences in this lifetime
    have lead me to understand that
    the problems we all face causes
    us to have a conscious awareness
    of who and what we are and what
    we are here to accomplish in order
    to more easily understand our lives.

    Thereby we learn to become better
    equipped to face our personal
    challenges and to ultimately over-
    come them.

    My quest for higher learning never ends. I have been called
    a visionary by some. I am certain however that I am able to
    see, to feel and to sense the energies that many are unable

    Today I am doing what I really enjoy. I utilize the ancient art and
    knowledge of numbers to guide souls along their paths. I also
    enjoy working with corporations and participating at spiritual
    health fairs in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I take my work very seriously, but also have fun with it as well.
    Looking at the positive in life is much more beneficial than
    looking at the negative. Helping souls to understand their life
    purpose and helping them to choose how they grow spiritually
    is a very rewarding aspect of my work.  

    I look forward to hearing from many of you.

~Blessings and Light, Bonny Wilde
Master Numerologist - Counselor - Healer - Teacher
Ordained Minister and Reiki Master