Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a laying on of hands healing technique
    thousands of years old.  It is thought to have originated is a Tibetan
    Buddhist practice that was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr.
    Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. It is a very simple yet powerful
    technique that can be easily learned by anyone. The word come
    from two Japanese words – Rei and Ki.  
    It is the God-Consciousness called Rei
    that guides the life force called Ki in
    the practice we call Reiki. Therefore,
    Reiki can be defined as spiritually
    guided life force energy. This is a
    meaningful interpretation of the work

    Reiki energies are reported to be more
    powerful and of a higher frequency.
    Reiki does not have to be guided like
    flowing without having to enter an
    altered state.

    Reiki is not a religion, a dogma, or cult.
    It is a self-contained natural healing
    system. It is compatible with all other
    types of healing. It is a path of continual,
    unfolding illumination, love, light, peace,
    trust, integrity, honor and enlightenment.
    We know his in our mind.

    Reiki will allow us to know this in our heart. The answer does lie
    within. Our thoughts control our outlook, our health, everything
    that can be considered. The more you say YES the more you will
    move forward.

    I received my Reiki Master certificate in July 1996. Over the years
    I have witnessed many healings with my clients. I cannot take any
    credit for any of the healings other than I was a facilitator in
    channeling the Reiki energy. My clients have healed themselves
    by allowing the Reiki energy  to flow to the areas that need clearing
    and healing. It is a marvelous stress reliever!

    Reiki permeates all space, animate and inanimate objects and
    connects all objects to each other. The main power current is
    a vertical flow of energy that pulsates up and down the field in
    the spinal cord. It extends out beyond the physical body above
    the head and below the tail bone. Therefore, it works with the
    many layers of the human aura as well as the swirling cone
    shaped vortexes in the auric field called the Chakras.