Bonny Wilde
    On April 26, 1997 I became an ordained minister with the Universal Life
    Church  in Modesto CA. This had proven to be a wonderful addition to
    my life. I able to do so many things for people utilizing spiritual
    counseling, performing wedding ceremonies, funerals, visiting the ill
    and being available to visit someone just before they transition from
    this dimension.   

    Spiritual Counseling - Many times when I am doing spiritual counseling
    I find myself channeling the “other side”. I am not sure where all of
    this comes from, but I have learned to trust the information that I am
    getting for the person that I am talking to. Many times spiritual
    messages come through me and it is a wonderful experience to go
    through. Messages are always on target for the recipient and is very
    helpful to them. Some people say that I am a Medium and many times I
    do see and hear others on the other side, but sometimes the
    messages are from a person’s spirit guide. So where ever the
    message comes from, it is always help- ful to those that I am speaking
    to. I don’t always see the value of it at
    the time, but the person that I am talking to usually does.

    Weddings  -  I have had the wonderful privilege of marrying couples
    and it is truly a joyous occasion  for all concerned.  I always give a
    copy of the wedding ceremony to the couple as a gift and it is a
    wonderful remembrance of their very special day.  If I had not been
    providing counseling for the couple prior to being asked to perform
    the ceremony, I will ask to see them at least two to three times prior
    to the wedding day.  During those visits any concerns or issues will
    be discussed.  This is very helpful to all couples prior to the biggest
    commitment of their life.   

    Prayer - I have witnessed most of my life the wonderful power of
    prayer. highest form of expressing spirituality that there is. Prayer can
    be used to bring a sense of peace to a person or to the world.
    Miracles have been performed through the power of prayer and there
    are many wonderful testimonials for this work. I always turn to prayer
    for most answers when other things are just not working. Prayer can
    bring healing and a sense of peace to those who are getting ready to
    transition from this life. I have worked with prayer many times  over
    the years and it is has always been very positive to all concerned.