In the mid-1980’s, I learned about the sacred
    science of numerology. This knowledge has
    changed my life in many ways. It tells so
    chosen to do this lifetime. This is very similar
    to astrology, except the energy of numbers
    and what they mean is easier for me to work
    with than the energy of the planets. Some of
    my clients have told me that my yearly
    readings for them have been very close to
    the astrology reading they had for the same
    time period. Since I am psychic, I use
    numerology as a tool to help me with the
    work that I do. Many times I will “see” things
    that a person’s chart does not reveal.

Today, information is revealed the same way. Much work is done prior
to every incarnation. You will chose the past life karma that you wish
to finish with, as well as the new things your soul wishes to learn. You
also choose the guides that will work with you. Everything is encoded
in your name and birth date. When I am putting a chart together I can
“see” an entire life unfold in front of me. This is your contract (or
blueprint) for this lifetime. This information is very helpful in guiding
a person and with helping them to gain insight into various areas
of their lives currently taking place.  

What I learn from your chart helps
me to determine:

  • Your emotional issues -- anger,
    addictions, depression and
    health issues.
  • Your relations -- soul mate,
    marriage, divorce, birth of a
    child and compatibility.
  • Job and career -- what you
    should be doing and what
    your gifts are.
  • Past life and karmic issues --  
    your purpose and why you are
  • Your home -- family, physical moves and legal issues.

I able to assist you in your search for answers concerning any
aspects of your life and the choices that are available to you in
solving them. Answers are there … all you need do is ask for
    People ask me what the “twist” is
    concerning this ancient science and I
    simply say that it is based on the Chaldean
    numbering system and the Kabbalah.
Although both of these techniques are being used today in numerology,
there are not many numerology books on the subject. The science of
numbers has been around for a long time and I would think it was
considered to be sacred information based on what is hidden in your
name and birthday. Even the books relating to the Bible Codes are
based on science and numbers. Numbers are referenced throughout
time and they do have a meaning to behind them. I am sure there are
many mystical secrets to be discovered through the use of numbers,
just as the ancients did.