February 1-28, 2017
By Rev. Bonny Wilde
Wed Feb 1st - You have a lot of plans for your career and they are good, but it is not
the time to put them into effect yet. Take up a study or an interest to occupy you for
the next few days. Progress may take another 7 to 10 days so relax for now.

Thurs Feb 2nd - This can be a social time period for you with many benefits coming
through your friends. Many small things surface to try your patience. Use tact and
diplomacy on this day.

Fri Feb 3rd - Everything seems to be on delay on this day. You just simply need to
relax and let things unfold on their own. Use patience with all of your relationships
on this day. Even family may try to test your patience level. Just take everything in
stride on this day.

Sat Feb 4th - Children and family take up your time and your home environment may
be difficult, but it is imperative that you get down to work and get things in order on
this day. Problems within the home area should settle down by the end of the week.

Sun Feb 5th - You seem to be very busy putting things in place, but at the same time
you are doing a lot of thinking about where you are going in your life. Your career
situation may be difficult and it might be the end of the week before it is improved.

Mon Feb 6th - There may be a change where someone may leave your present place
of employment or maybe it is someone that plays an important part in your life. Just
keep going forward in your own life. Watch your stress level and take care of your
health at this time.

Tues Feb 7th - Some travel is possible for you today. A woman may create unexpected
problems for you today, so try to stay away from her if you can. Be careful of what is
said and be diplomatic. The changes that occur at this time may be difficult to deal
with at this time. Let go of situations and people if you need to.

Weds Feb 8th - Promote yourself in your career area today. You will be able to make
progress in your professional life. This is a good day to handle your business
matters.  This is also a good time period for you to meet someone special that
can advance your life and bring enjoyment to you.

Thurs Feb 9th - The last couple of days you may have felt stuck in some areas of
your life.  Just relax. By the 15th of the month opportunities should enter in giving
you more freedom and you will be able to move things forward in your life.

Fri Feb 10th - An opportunity to become more a part of the household and bring
relationships closer is there for you today. Keep a good attitude and enjoy what
you can do for the family. Patience will be needed.

Sat Feb 11th - You have a chance to catch up on some things around the house.
You may feel blocked on what you are trying to do. Give love with your relation-
ships as conflict could arise. Bring harmony. Don't confront.

Sun Feb 12th - There seems to be too much to handle within the home and career
area, so don't volunteer for anything. Wait until you see that you need to step in.  
Expenses may enter in that you hadn't counted on. Try to finish up things in your
life that no longer benefit you, but do so graciously and with tact.

Mon Feb 13th - Your career may be difficult and stressful, but cooperate and it will
work out alright. Give more if you need to without getting upset. Your job could end
at this time so take care of it.  Just keep a positive attitude and it will be okay.

Tues Feb 14th - You feel like your life is going nowhere and you may be looking
back at the past while you are not sure of your future. Things will work out fine in
the long run and there is not a lot you can do to force things right now.

Weds Feb 15th - Take some time out today to do some research or studying or
just plain reading. You seem to be waiting on money or business answers, but the
answers are not there. There may be a problem with your house situation. Wait 5
or 6 days before you make any decisions on the situations that you are dealing

Thurs Feb 16th - Handle all of your business affairs with diplomacy on this day. If
there are delays, perhaps more time is needed. Allow this to be okay and go on
with your life. You will feel better emotionally and more in charge. Have self
confidence and try to move forward.

Fri Feb 17th - You may be thinking of cutting expenses or making changes within
the home. You may even think about moving. Money could also be somewhat
difficult during this time period.

Sat Feb 18th - Things are moving forward for you and you are making progress,
but you may still feel that your life is on hold. It is. Get some good business advice
if you need it. You will feel better if you get together with friends or people in
authority. They will be able to help you.

Sun Feb 19th - You are completing things out of the past that perhaps you have
needed to let go of. This can be an explosive time period with sudden things
happening to finish up old situations so watch your relationships and your job
if you want to keep them in your  life.

Mon Feb 20th - Your energy level is still low on this day. It can be an emotional or
upsetting time period, so take it easy on yourself. An older woman may enter in
during this time and need you to be there for her. Try to take care of yourself on
this day and get some rest.

Tues Feb 21st - You will feel a sense of relief on this day because some things
have been finished over the last few days and you can now move forward with
new determination in your life. Your energy is better on this day.

Weds Feb 22nd - You will try to move forward on this day, but still expect delays
until the 29th or 30th of the month. You may be looking for or wanting a new job,
but it may be delayed even though the opportunity is there.

Thurs Feb 23rd - You may hear about some older people in your life that need you
to be there for them. A man may be driving you crazy because he is being unclear
about what he expects from you. You will decide to get away from him by the end
of the month.

Fri Feb 24th - You may meet a new person that would become important in your
life, so go to things if you are invited. There is a trip that you should take. You do
have a new way of looking at your life and what you want in your life. Just don't
force things yet.

Sat Feb 25th - This can be a social time period and it would be a good time to go to
anything you are invited to. It is a time to take others into consideration and help
them in order to get what you want. Again, there may be some emotional news
about older people and you may need to be there for them.

Sun Feb 26th - You may still be frustrated about your career area and you won't be
able to accomplish what you want until the end of the month. Be patient with your-
self and the people around you.

Mon Feb 27th - You seem to be much stronger and people won't  be able to push
you around anymore. The uncertainty within you is gone and you have a new
determination about who you are and what you want. You may get upset with any-
one who tries to stop you from doing what you want to do. Again, be patient with
those around you.

Tues Feb 28th - New ideas about new opportunities and your career will begin to
be the focus of your life on this day. Friends and other people will help you, so
make social contacts. There is some gossip around you, so don't say too much
to people about what you want to do.